WA Not-for-Profit Remuneration Survey

The most advanced and customised remuneration survey in Australia. Online secure data entry, comprehensive position list, instant feedback, accurate salary data for the WA NFP sector.

I’m pleased to announce the start of the 5th annual WA not-for-profit remuneration survey, back bigger and better for 2019. Join over 30 prominent WA not-for-profit organisations that participate in SalaryOne research and benchmarking.

There are two ways you can participate in the survey:

  1. Register for free access to complete the survey and participate in a webinar when the results are published. You will not receive the survey report.
  2. Purchase an annual subscription ($800 + GST) to have 12 months access for 3 users to the SalaryOne web portal. This includes the survey report and other results, salary search, dashboards, calculators and other resources.

A free online demonstration can be arranged to show you all the features and over 30 remuneration and HR metrics for workforce planning.

The survey closes on Friday 14 December 2018 and will be published in late February 2019 in a PDF and new online dashboards.

Please contact me at julian@salaryone.com.au if you would like to participate in the survey, or to find out about SalaryOne consulting services.

How to register

To purchase an annual subscription, email julian@salaryone.com.au with details of up to 3 users (including the person who will enter survey data). Details - first name, last name, position, email address and phone number. Automated emails will be sent to users with temporary passwords.

To register for free survey access only, email julian@salaryone.com.au with details of the person who is going to enter survey data.

The survey works best in these web browsers - Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari. Do not use Internet Explorer.

Survey Features

The online survey form has several great features:

  • Select your own list of positions to enter data for, from a menu of 160 industry specific roles.
  • Get instant feedback with in-built calculators for:
  • Average salary per FTE
  • Salary packaging participation rate
  • Car benefits/allowances and car fleet size per 100 employees
  • Enter hourly rates and gross amounts per pay cycle (rather than annual and FTE amounts), saving you time on data entry.
  • An Excel copy of your survey data will be automatically emailed to you when you submit the survey.
  • Data you enter this year will pre-populate cells in next year’s survey, saving you time.

Survey Topics

A highly bespoke remuneration survey for not-for-profit employers. This includes, 160 industry-specific roles and questions on salary packaging, car benefits and pay equity.

Remuneration settings
Fringe benefits tax status.
Payroll cycle.
Employer super contribution rate.
Annual leave loading.
Full-time hours.

Remuneration metrics
Average salary per FTE.
Pay multiples.
Annual pay rise %.
Salary packaging participation rate.

Motor vehicles
Cars in fleet.
Car benefits and allowances.
Car categories.
Employee car contribution.

Position list – 161 positions – in 5 occupational categories
Professionals (corporate services)
Professionals (service delivery)
Community and personal service workers
Administrative workers

Salary data
Enter actual position titles (if different to the generic titles).
Enter male and female headcount.
Enter base hourly rates and gross amounts per pay cycle.

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