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SalaryOne develops and maintains customised web portals for surveys and benchmarking. We started with salary, workforce and HR metrics. Our proprietary software system can be configured to cover anything that your industry wants to benchmark!

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WALGA Salary and Workforce Survey.
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Remuneration  and  HR  benchmarking.
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Let  us  build  and  maintain  a  bespoke  web  portal  with  surveys,  dashboards,  reports,  calculators  and  resources.  
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How it works

Watch a demonstration of the WA not-for-profit-portal and the WALGA Portal.


How is SalaryOne different from traditional salary surveys?

  • Covers salary, remuneration, workforce and human resource topics.
  • Industry and region-specific salary data on up to 300 positions.  More accurate and relevant than national salary surveys.
  • Secure online portal with dashboards, reports, tools and resources.
  • User filters and downloads to customise data and metrics for each organisation.
  • Suite of metrics for workforce planning, enterprise bargaining, human resource policy reviews and salary negotiations.

How is it better than free salary data on the internet?

Free salary data provided by recruitment firms and overseas platforms may not be based on verified research. Market salary rates can vary considerably by industry, region and organisation size.

Why should employers’ source their own salary data?

Job sites may provide free average annual salary figures based on employee information. SalaryOne publishes verified and actual salary data submitted by employers. Employers can use this data with confidence in salary negotiations.

What are the privacy provisions?

All data is aggregated and mostly shown as percentile ranges. Click on the links to read the terms of use and privacy statement.

What are the security provisions?

SalaryOne ensures the security, integrity and privacy of information submitted to and displayed on the portal. All access is subject to stringent login authentication and data encryption technology.



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